Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Celeste, her swap bear

This is Celeste. She is the swap bear who finally finished her journey to Edinburgh and is in the hands of Janice Mc Leod of Jigpaws. This was my first swap and was such fun!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pete, my swap bear

I recently participated in a bear swap on Teddy Talk, a forum for teddy bear artists and collectors. My swap partner is the talented Janice Mc Leod of Jigpaws in Edinburgh, Scotland.

This is Pete, the adorable bear I received last week from Janice:

Isn't he just fantastic? Thank you so much, Janice!!!

The bear I made for Janice is on her way so I'll wait until Janice has recieved her then post a picture.

Monday, March 9, 2009

...and finally, Rainbow Sunday of Color Week

A colorful vintage bird vase
More vintage hankies which belonged to my grandmother
My colorful floaty pen collection
This colorful clown costume I made for Tracy, and Paige (below) wore it 5 years later
This is one wall of the colorful alphabet mural in my guest room
The mural was painted for the young daughter of the prior occupant of my home

This concludes color week. I've had fun exploring my home for colors and I hope you've enjoyed my photos. Thanks to Lynn of The Little Red Hen for this colorful week!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Violet Saturday of Color Week

Hello again . . . this Saturday is brought to you by the color violet . . .
This is Hyacinth, a bear I've made. She wears a violet ribbon and purple iris button.
More vintage hankies that belonged to my grandmother.
Vintage Christmas bell ornaments
Violet ribbons
I never noticed this pretty color on my sewing machine before
Violet pin grabber
"T" is for violet teddy in the alphabet mural in my guest room . . .
. . . and "F" is for violet feather

Stay tuned for another Rainbow Sunday tomorrow . . .

Friday, March 6, 2009

Blue Friday of Color Week

Hello and welcome to Blue Friday of Color Week. I realized today, as I was looking for blue pictures, that I haven't used any blue in my decorating. I did finally find a few blue things . . .

Some vintage hankies that belonged to my grandmother
A sweet vintage doll pinafore
I might have read this book in the first grade
There is nothing bluer than my grandson, Sullivan's eyes
I snapped this pic of the Blue Angles at an air show in Sacramento a couple years ago

A tiny cloth baby doll with blue elephant print rompers

Stay tuned for Violet Saturday . . .

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Green Thursday of Color Week

In case you just tuned in, Lynn, of the Little Red Hen blog is celebrating the end of the brown mud of winter and the beautiful colors of spring with a Color Week. She has invited other bloggers to join in on the fun and I'm in. It goes like this: Sunday - rainbow . . . Monday - red . . . Tuesday - orange . . . Wednesday - yellow . . . Thursday - green . . . Friday - blue . . . Saturday - violet . . . and Sunday - another rainbow day.
. . . today is Thursday, therefore it is Green.

Maker's Mark Bourbon Distillery in Kentucky. I snapped this in 2006
A silly Sully winding up for a cry
One of my Pullip girls wearing her camoPretty greenery in my back yard
This is part of an alphabet mural in my guest room "P is for Pea"
My green machine is a work horse. I use it to sew my bearsA little green bucket holds some quilting supplies
Stay tuned for Blue Friday . . .

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Yellow Wednesday of Color Week

My color pictures for Yellow Wednesday . . .
Spring-is-in-the-air chicks
Mr. Peanut Cup hold my pencils
A little chick-a-dee
A vintage carnival prize
A sweet vintaage baby romper
A toasty fire in my fireplace
yellow fruit (whoops, not real)
Sullivan's toy car
A teapot I painted at one of those "paint-your-own" places

Stay tuned for Green Thursday . . .

Orange Tuesday of Color Week

Orange Tuesday
An orange bell pepper on my platter

An orange sponge from under my sink

A vintage Shirley Temple brand dress
Terra cotta chicken holds my receipts
Buster's squeaky toy
Dave's Tennessee Volunteer's hat
Stay tuned for Yellow Wednesday . . .

Red Monday of Color Week

Red Monday . . .
A Manhattan Fire Department I snapped in 2006
A red bowl in my black hutch
Red tail lights on a Manhattan street taken from our hotel room
A red tassel that hangs on my black hutch

Tomatoes for tonight's salad
Bear's red collar
A red apple my mom painted
My Red Riding Hood Betsy McCall
A red chicken who lives on top of the hutch

Stay tuned for Orange Tuesday . . .
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