Wednesday, December 17, 2008

You CAN be there . . .

December 15th was the big day . . . Sullivan's first birthday. Since I had just been to visit Tracy, Tyson and Sullivan in November, I wasn't able to talk the hubster into springing for another plane ticket. Sigh . . . anyway . . . next best thing? . . . Skype ! ! !

Come party time I combed my hair, put on lipstick, a nice sweater to go with my pajama pants, booted up the computer and made my Skype call to the party. After greeting a few of the guests, Tracy and Tyson put me (their laptop) in the kitchen with a bird's eye view of the birthday boy so I could watch him dig into his smash cake. He could see and hear me as well.
After cake and refreshments, I was escorted into the livingroom to watch the birthday boy open his gifts.
Happy Birthday, Sullivan. Nana couldn't be there in person but via Skype, I saw and heard it all and Sullivan saw and heard me too. I even got to give Sullivan a hug and kiss by proxy. This one was from Nana. Thank you, Tracy!

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vintagepaletteart said...

From one Nana to another.....I'm so glad that you got to be there with them! Your grandson is absolutely precious! That video is so cute and I'm so happy that he is a success story!! =D


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